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About Me

Avril Fox KellyHey Guys, I’m Foxy. I love fashion, beauty and travel. You know what, anything that’s fun!!! I love nothing more than having a coffee in bed browsing blogs and Pinterest! What makes me unique? I’m passionate, honest and I don’t BS! What I hate is when people that don’t think they deserve to look good. Fashion is art to me but it’s also that thing that can give someone confidence and brighten someone’s day! I’ve lost count how many times I got teary watching Gok!

Why now? I was always a bit mental but lost my confidence in my 20’s. But now I’m getting it back! Slowly but surely!

My style? I haven’t fully settled on it! I’ve had a massive life changing experience, I lost 7 stone! I couldn’t even go shopping a year and a half ago, and now I have so much choice! This is my path to self discovery… Come join me!

I love makeup. What girl doesn’t??? When I like something/a brand, I never shut up about it! I’ve taken the plunge and decided to train as an MUA!

I can’t describe how much I love it! I’m at home when I’m on holidays. I always feel inspired. Like I can take on the world! Nothing can bring me down!

Love Foxy xo