Bare Minerals

Bare MineralsBare Minerals has to be my all time beauty favourite. I use most of their products from cleanser to foundation. I have super sensitive skin and find this range amazing! My skin has never been better.


Their skincare range is made using Active Soil Complex (minerals from soil). Sounds gross but once you try it you will never go back. If you don’t want to commit you can buy their travel kit for around 25 euro to try. Cleanser is 19 euro and their moisturiser is a lil’ pricey at 34 euro but its definitely worth it. They only negative thing is they don’t have a toner. I use a different brand but would love to see them bring one out. Toning is such an important step.


I remember when I first heard about Bare Minerals, I saw marketing saying “makeup so pure you can sleep in it”…. I was sold! I was terrible about removing makeup especially after a night out, but finally I am getting good at it.

Like most people I was used to liquid foundations and compacts. Changing to powder was different. It took a while to get the hang of it (swirl, tap, buff). It looks like regular foundation but feels like your wearing nothing. Its like having amazing skin every day! For fuller coverage you can use their Ready range. I find that my skin can become dry using this so I’d recommend their daily exfoliator. This prevents you from getting any dry patches.

The starter kit has everything you need for flawless skin including primer, foundation, bronzer, mineral veil and all the brushes you need. Its around 60 euro but well worth it. At their counters they will also show you how to apply it. I buy mine in Brown Thomas Galway and the girls are absolutely lovely in there. They did my makeup for my wedding.

Next up I’ll review Bare Minerals Ready palette.

Love Foxy xo

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