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Clean 9 Detox Update

Clean 9 Detox Update

Hey guys! So here is my review of the Clean 9 Detox.

First off, it’s recommended to do a pre-detox to start. This can be done anything from 3-7 days.  It helps your body slowly withdraw so you don’t completely die! I did it for 3 days and actually found this harder then the actual detox! I have a serious coffee addiction! I have coffee on a drip. No joke, I’ve been known to have 4 coffees a day. Doesn’t sound bad but I order double espressos or a triple shot Americano.

So to say this was difficult was an understatement! Ended up with a migraine for 2 days. Couldn’t take my tablets ‘cos there is caffeine in them 🙁 On day 3 of my pre-detox, I woke up with no headache or migraine so I decided to start then and there before I’d change my mind!

Days 1 and 2 weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Each morning I had a shot of Aloe Vera juice with a glass of water. For breakfast, lunch and dinner I had two types of supplements. One for supressing hunger and the other for speeding up my metabolism. Then for lunch it was a protein shake. The first 2 days went by quick enough. I found that the evenings felt long so I went to bed early.

I woke up on day 3 with lots of energy!  I was also soo excited to have my 600 calorie meal. I was surprised to realise how much food you can actually eat! I ate my meal at lunch time to keep me going through work. I used the MyFitnessPal to help me calorie count my meals. This is a great app to count calories and keep track of your meals. You can download it here.

So on day 3 you weigh in and this is all the motivation you need to continue! I lost a massive 8lbs! I was convinced the scales was broken but after about the 15th time I accepted the result.

Weirdly day 6 was probably the hardest. This was probably because it was Saturday night and I wanted my glass of wine. But instead I drank loads of water and had an early night.  The next few days flew past and my energy levels soared.

Overall, I lost 10.5 lbs but the main thing that I loved about this detox was the energy! I felt amazing after it. I also got over my addiction of fizzy drinks and my love affair with coffee! I actually sometimes order decaff! Me! I have also decided to keep taking the Aloe Vera juice (a shot every morning) as I hear it’s meant to be amazing for psoriasis so fingers crossed!

So has anyone else tired the Clean 9 detox? How did you get on? Leave me a comment below…

Love Foxy xo

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