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Clean 9 Detox

Clean 9 Detox

Love Foxy Clean 9 Detox

Hey guys,

So after an over-indulgent Christmas and lazy January, I wanted something to kick start my healthy eating plan so I thought a detox was ideal. I’ve decided to do the Clean 9 detox. My sister did the Clean 9 detox back in August and couldn’t recommend it enough, so I decided sure why not! All I have to lose is lbs! She has now become a leader so it was ideal – I have my own personal go-to for help! Here’s a link to her page if you want more information – Foxy’s Aloe Vera.

Another reason I wanted to do a detox was because over the last year my psoriasis has gone from bad to worse! The aloe vera is meant to work wonders on it.

The programme is pretty simple.
– For two days all you take is some tablets, aloe vera juice  and a shake.
– Then, from day 3-9 you introduce a 600 calorie meal.
– They recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily, and lots of water.

So I started on Wednesday. I’ll be posting my daily progress on Facebook and Instagram. And will do a follow-up post when I’m finished.
Has anyone tried the Clean 9 detox before? Any tips?

Love Foxy xo


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