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ITWBN 1st Birthday

ITWBN 1st Birthday

I just bought my ticket to the next ITWBN event! Afternoon tea with Retro Flame! The girls really out-did themselves this time.

I got to reminiscing on the last event. Because I was taking a break from blogging, I never posted anything – so here is my very, very (did I say ‘very’?!) late post!
In May, I attended the ITWBN 1st birthday in the uber-funky G Hotel! Being from Galway, I’ve been to the g Hotel a few times but always just for a quick drink or bite so this was just out of this world! A day of dress-up, cocktails, beautiful food and networking with the best bloggers in the country! My perfect Day!

So I arrived really nervous! Don’t ask me why cos it’s my 3rd event. As soon as I was through the door though, it disappeared. Unfortunately, I’m ridiculous shy with people I don’t know unless I’ve quite a few drinks on me!

I was sitting at the Killary harbour table. Look at my goodie bag! Fabulous!

We had some really amazing speakers

Minnie Melange
Minnie chatted about her blogging journey which started because her love of talking about fashion was wrecking her family and friend’s heads. Sound familiar???
She has had incredible success and has interviewed some amazing people along the way including

Dee from Castle Print
Dee gave us a run-down of the importance of business cards.

Wayne Denier gave us some valuable information on how to be responsible online to prevent us from getting bitten in the ass in the future!

Tierney talks and the Galway Player did a hilarious interview with Tieney doing some grat impressions!

Karen from Karora Tan gave us her amazing story of how she started her business literally from the boot of her car! Her head office is now in the USA!
All were absolutely brilliant and I came away with some excellent info to help me on my blogging journey. Definitely felt super inspired!

Absolutely amazing… All were out of this world! Beware, Food porn!



Again we had some amazing pop up shops including DebenhamsBody shopInsight hairAmber, No7 boots, Cotton face Vintage.
All in all, it was an amazing event! I don’t know how you do it ITWBN but it keeps getting better and better!
I’ll be at the September event and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you again.
Love Foxy xo



Myself and the lovely Sandra from a Modern Mommys World


Selfie time with Sinead from Yummy Mummy and Sandra from a Moderns Mommys WorldDSC_9151Myself and the beautiful Dephine from Dollfinesse

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